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Il Magistrato - Kathy Mueller (1989)

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von sergio petroni


Alternativtitel: The Magistrate

Herstellungsland-/jahr: ITA/SUI/AUS 1989

Regie: Kathy Mueller

Darsteller: Franco Nero, Catherine Wilkin, Julia Blake, Dennis Miller, Steve Bastoni, Victoria Rowland,
Joe Petruzzi, Jon Fabian, Paul Sonkkila, Andy Anderson, Caroline Gillmer, Steve Jacobs, ...

Story: Italian magistrate Paolo Pizzi (Franco Nero) has devoted his life to justice. With an inflexible sense of honour and duty, he has stood up to the crime bosses, the corrupt judges and the politicians. One day, Paolo's public zeal leads to a private loss; his wife is killed and his son disappears. As he follows a potential Mafia connection to Australia, his search for his son turns into an obsessive pursuit but in an ominous landscape of political and police corruption, business fraud, media intrigue, drugs smuggling and illegal arms dealing, the hunter soon becomes the hunted.