Vampiro - Fernando Méndez (1957)

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Vampiro - Fernando Méndez (1957)

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Originaltitel: El Vampiro

Herstellungsland: Mexiko / 1957

Regie: Fernando Méndez

Darsteller: Abel Salazar, Ariadna Welter, Carmen Montejo, Germán Robles


Produced a full year before Hammer's version of Dracula, this is one of the great classics of post-war gothic horror. Count Lavud, an ancient vampire, comes to Mexico to revive the body of his dead brother. He discovers that the crypt where the body is buried is now part of a run-down hacienda. The suave count sets about seducing the woman who owns the hacienda. Soon she joins him on his nightly forages for blood. Then Lavud sets eyes on the woman's virginal young niece... (dvd-cover)
it´s fun to stay at the YMCA!!!

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