Scala Cinema 1978-1993 - Jane Giles

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Scala Cinema 1978-1993 - Jane Giles

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Scala Cinema 1978-1993


Autor: Jane Giles
Verlag: FabPress
Hardcover/Softcover: 424 Seiten
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 09/2019


The most infamous and influential of all repertory cinemas, the Scala’s iconic programmes tell their own unique story about culture and society between 1978-1993, a post-punk / pre-internet period of significant change. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Scala programme and the 25th anniversary of the cinema's closure, an ideal time to take stock of a legacy which includes many of today’s most exciting filmmakers who’ve credited the Scala’s influence on their work.

Because this fantastic book is large format and fully illustrated with all 178 of the Scala’s monthly programmes from 1978-1993, third-party production costs are very high. The only way we can possibly afford to publish this book is with YOUR help, by purchasing direct from us, rather than from online re-sellers who keep a huge slice of what you pay for themselves, so please join us by pre-ordering this history-making publication direct from FAB Press... and don't forget to tell your friends about it! (quelle:
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