Deathtripping: Cinema of Transgression - Jack Seargant

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Deathtripping: Cinema of Transgression - Jack Seargant

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Deathtripping: Cinema of Transgression


Autor: Jack Seargant
Verlag: Creation Books
Taschenbuch / 272 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum: 01/2000 (2., überarbeitete Auflage)


A new, expanded and updated edition of Creation Cinema classic: Deathtripping. Growing out of the New York underground and the minds of a number of avant-garde, controversial film makers and artists, 'The Cinema of Transgression' (a confrontational style of film-making transgressing the boundaries of what's acceptable) is here subjected to an in-depth exploration by top underground film writer, Jack Sargeant. Since first published in 1995, Deathtripping has become the bible of this rarely documented, yet essential, film genre. Deathtripping: Presents a general history of underground film and seminal influences including Warhol, Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith, George and Mike Kuchar, John Waters, etc. Discusses origins and influences, situating the movement within the NY art/music scene.

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