Necromania - Edward D. Wood Jr. (1971)

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Necromania - Edward D. Wood Jr. (1971)

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Necromania - A Tale of weird Love


Originaltitel: Necromania

Herstellungsland: USA / 1971

Regie: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Darsteller: Maria Arnold, Rene Bond, Ric Lutze


A couple having marital problems (the husband can't seem to rise to the occasion) visits Madame Heles, a necromancer, in hopes of ameliorating their boudoir blunders. After an elaborate ritual with a skull, Heles' lovely assistant Tanya first takes care of another client, then moves on to the couple, each in their turn. Once she's worked with each of them on a physical level, they are ready to meet the Madame, who will decide how best to help them. (quelle:
it´s fun to stay at the YMCA!!!

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