Once upon another Time - Juan Pinzás (2000)

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Once upon another Time - Juan Pinzás (2000)

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Once upon another Time


Originaltitel: Era outra vez

Alternativtitel: Dogma #22 - Era outra vez

Herstellungsland: Spanien / 2000

Regie: Juan Pinzas

Darsteller: Monti Castiñeiras, Pilar Saavedra, Vicente de Souza, Víctor L. Mosqueira und Paul Naschy


First-ever Spanish Dogma Film. An acid psychosocial-sexual comedy tells the story of a group of friends from university who, ten years after finishing their journalism studies, decide to meet up again in one of their friends' homes to revisit past times. Up until now, they have all done well in life and should be happy, but they aren't. A weekend will be more than enough to bring out the best and the worst in each of them and to create conflict. (quelle: imdb.com)
it´s fun to stay at the YMCA!!!

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