Autopsy (Macchie Solari) - Ennio Morricone

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Autopsy (Macchie Solari) - Ennio Morricone

Beitragvon Santini » 28. Jan 2010, 13:00


Label: Digitmovies
Genre: Giallo
Country: Italy
Year: 1973

After the very good L'Etrusco uccide ancora (The Dead Are Alive), Armando Crispino in 1975 tries again with the Giallo genre directing MACCHIE SOLARI (AUTOPSY). Placed in a summer Rome, sunny and semi-deserted ,the Crispino movie starts with an impressive series of 'suicides' caused, it seems, by the mysterious solar spots. Submersed in a Sci-Fi horror atmosphere, the movie very soon returns the pure Giallo plot where the 'suicides' are really murders committed by a mad killer. The main protagonist of the story is Mimsy Farmer, who plays the role of a morgue doctor, frequently prey of nightmares.

The score is written by the Academy Award winner Ennio Morricone and now Digitmovies presents it in its complete form and in full stereo on CD. In 1976 a 45 rpm single was issued in Japan only, on King Records label containing one track called 'The victim' (the movie title used for the Japanese market). In 1992 C.A.M issued on CD (C.A.M. CSE 048) eleven tracks of atonal kind in stereo, but the original 45 rpm single track, a romantic theme for orchestra and choir with a modern vein featured in the end titles, wasn't enclosed on that CD, without doubt one of the most requested tracks from the Morricone fans. For this special edition CD we used all the stereo master tapes kept in the C.A.M. historic archives, and we have added nine inedit tracks to the material already enclosed in the original CD and also for the very first time the version of very rare Japanese single(Tr.22). Ennio Morricone drives the listener in an hellish atmosphere of dissonant, gloomy, dramatic and violent sounds given by orchestral/electronic sounds of experimental kind with the performance of the voices of I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni that create really scary vocal effects.

22 Tracks - 55 Mins
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Re: Autopsy (Macchie Solari) - Ennio Morricone

Beitragvon Nello Pazzafini » 23. Mai 2010, 23:08

sssccchhhhräges teil aber als morricone fanatiker absolutes MUSS!!!

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