The Art of Italian Film Posters - Mel Bagshaw

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The Art of Italian Film Posters - Mel Bagshaw

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The Art of Italian Film Posters


Autor: Mel Bagshaw
Taschenbuch: 213 Seiten
Verlag: Black Dog Pub Ltd; Auflage: illustrated edition (18. November 2005)
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN-10: 1904772315
ISBN-13: 978-1904772316

Italian cinema has produced some of the medium's most striking moments, films acclaimed as classics of their kind not only within Italy but also internationally. Italian filmmakers have defined, influenced and indeed created whole genres. This collection offers an overview of a rich cinematic culture, profiling and paying homage to its artists and designers. "The Art of Italian Film Posters" follows Italian film from its early mythological phase, through the development of Neorealism, the transitional 1950s, the creative peak of the 60s and the politically troubled 70s. In terms of poster design this period was also a golden age. Artists were not subject to today's style guidelines where a global marketing plan governs all publishing material; different versions were executed by both obscure and well known artists, and were printed in thousands of copies. The cultural heritage of the film poster functions not only as supporting document for the history of cinema, but also as a history of our times, as we see social trends mirrored and challenged by cinema.

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