Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957 - 1969 - Roberto Curti

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Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957 - 1969 - Roberto Curti

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Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957 - 1969


Autor: Roberto Curti (Vorwort von Ernesto Gastaldi)
Taschenbuch: 213 Seiten
Verlag: Mcfarland & Co Inc
Sprache: Englisch
VÖ-Datum: August / 2015


The "Gothic" style was a key trend in Italian cinema of the 1950s and 1960s, because of its peculiar, often strikingly original approach to the horror genre. These films portrayed Gothic staples in a stylish and idiosyncratic way, and took a daring approach to the supernatural and to eroticism, with the presence of menacing yet seductive female witches, vampires and ghosts. Thanks to such filmmakers as Mario Bava (Black Sunday), Riccardo Freda (The Horrible Dr. Hichcock), and Antonio Margheriti (Castle of Blood), as well the iconic presence of actress Barbara Steele, Italian Gothic horror went overseas and reached cult status. The book examines the Italian Gothic horror of the period, with an abundance of previously unpublished production information drawn from official papers and original scripts. Entries include a complete cast and crew list, home video releases, plot summary and the author's analysis. Excerpts from interviews with filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors are included. Foreword by film director and scriptwriter Ernesto Gastaldi. (quelle: cover)
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