Offerings - Christopher Reynolds (1988)

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Offerings - Christopher Reynolds (1988)

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Originaltitel: Offerings

Herstellungsland-/jahr: USA 1988

Regie: Christopher Reynolds

Darsteller: Leigh Bowman, Elizabeth Green, G. Michael Smith, Jerry Brewer, Tobe Sexton,
J. Max Burnett, Doobie Potter, Rayette Potts, Mark Massey, Jackie Shaw, Richard A. Buswell
Chase Hampton, ...

John Radley's childhood was not a particularly nice one; his father's abandonment, an abusive mother, bullied by neighborhood kids and his pets had a tendency to die on him. Only his first crush Gretchen ever treated him with kindness.

But this all ended when he was goaded into performing a balancing act, whereupon a malicious prank backfired and Johnny ended up plunging down a dried up well to greet a rock floor. Since then he has been in Oakhurst State mental hospital for over a decade. Left semi-comatose, he has only his now-distorted memories and nightmarish flashbacks for comfort.

One night the continual flood of harsh images is too much for his psyche, and he comes to find himself badly disfigured and severely brain damaged, so much so that he can no longer feel any pain. Who will care for, let alone love, Johnny now? No one, he knows (in what's left of his damaged mind). He suffers a complete psychotic break, and after venting his fury on a nurse, turns his rage towards those responsible for his condition.
(quelle: wikipedia)
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